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Breathwork + Body Connection

Laura’s voice is soothing and she leads us expertly through the moves as if a well-rehearsed dance. I enjoy the tranquility of the music she plays and the mix of people who attend on a regular basis. By the time, she dabs lavender oil on my palm, I indeed have de-stressed and feel positive. It is the best way to end a workday!

– Kelly P.


Laura’s Gentle Yoga Flow was a beautiful experience. Her guidance was incredibly soothing and she absolutely created space for our class to slow down and ground into our bodies. To combat the aggressive pace of life and especially NYC life, one needs to take intentional measures to slowdown and listen, and Laura’s sequence really urged us to listen to our own bodies and our own intuition. It was such a relief to experience true gentleness, and I’m very grateful for Laura’s focus on it! I highly recommend yoga with Laura, as it is a gift to the body, mind, and soul.

– Valerie B.


Laura is an amazing teacher with an incredibly soothing voice and way of teaching. After taking her class, I felt more centered and calm and was able to go about my day with more gentleness and clarity. Her style of yoga really allowed me to focus on my breathing and get more in tune with how my body was feeling.

– Chelsea O.

I really enjoy your classes! They are the perfect length and structure to bring a calming end to the workday, without overdoing it. And, you have the perfect, calming, voice to add to the experience.

– Vickie C.


Laura’s yoga session was so GENTLE and LOVING to my mind, body and soul. It’s been a minute since I’ve done yoga due to a dislocated wrist and her class was the perfect homecoming. Thank you so much Laura for sharing your talents.

– Karen R.


Laura has a very soothing voice, every time I attended her class I felt relaxed. working as a developer, tech neck is unavoidable. Laura’s class has a way to ease away your tensions and refresh your body with uplifting energy.

– Victoria M.


When attending Laura’s class I felt ease. I felt encouraged to do my best without feeling pressured. Her classes were relaxing and challenging at the same time. The love she has for her students radiates in everything she does.

– Amanda G.