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What We Do

Soften. Breathe. Connect. Repeat.

What is Intuitive Yoga Pop Up?

Intuitive Yoga Pop up is a small yoga gathering in person or online intuitively guided by Laura, Stråla Yoga Guide in NYC + Lourdes, Hatha Yoga Guide in ABQ.

What is Stråla Yoga?

Stråla yoga is a way of being, moving + healing, that helps people release stress + connect back to themselves. Stråla yoga moves far beyond poses, helps you ground + connect back to your intuition with gentle easy going movement.

What is Hatha Yoga?

Hatha yoga is designed to align + calm your mind, body + spirit to achieve mind body harmony. Restorative Hatha yoga is a relaxing style intended to relieve stress while nurturing + healing your body.

What is Intuitive Yoga?

Our intuitive yoga flow is a blend of restorative + gentle moving yoga, with complimentary Shiatsu bodywork throughout the session in person.
We focus our practice on finding ease in movement by focusing on breathwork + body connection, thereby empowering you to drop your stress, release any blocks, + feel at ease which allows you to connect with your intuition.
We encourage you to hold your favorite crystal, linger + journal if you feel called to do so during or after your practice.


We hold space for you to connect back to yourself.
The yoga gatherings are small to allow for Shiatsu bodywork.
We host yoga pop-ups for small groups gatherings or one-on-one.
At the office, home, the park, the beach, a studio or online.
Dress comfortably, bring your favorite mat, crystals + journal.
Be prepared to relax + feel at ease + connect with your intuition.
Contact us + let us know how you’d like to practice in person or online.
Current locations New York, NY + Albuquerque, NM.