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Laura Perez is a Stråla Advanced Beginner Guide who began her Stråla home practice in 2008. Laura fell in love with Stråla’s revolutionary approach to yoga practice focusing on breath + movement. (Stråla is a moving meditation, guided with deep breath + easygoing movement from your middle).
Laura began guiding her classes + then proceeded to obtain in-person training through Stråla. She trained with Tara Stiles, Mike Taylor, + Sam Berlind in New York City, where she began to explore breathwork + body connection.
As a yoga guide, Laura holds space + guides a blend of restorative + gentle moving yoga flows with complimentary Shiatsu bodywork + breathwork throughout her sessions, since 2017. Thereby empowering people to drop their stress, release any blocks + feel at ease which allows them to connect with their intuition.
Laura continues to practice Breathwork + Stråla daily, she also studies energy work to bring a greater sense of grounding + connection into her Breathwork + Stråla yoga practice.
Founded by Tara Stiles, Stråla is credited by mind-body-medicine pioneer Dr. Deepak Chopra, as well as Chair of Neurology at Harvard Dr. Rudolph Tanzi. Stråla is also accredited by the global Yoga Alliance Professionals.
Laura is also an intuitive channel to the Akashic Records + offers readings. Most recently Laura completed her Reiki I training with Kelsey J. Patel.
Training Level
– 20 Hours Intensive Training: Movement, 2017
– 100 Hours Online 200+Hour Training Part 1, 2017
– 200 Hours Ready-to-Lead Training, 2018
– 300 Hours Advanced Leadership Training, 2018
– 100 Hours Online Advanced Training: 7 Secrets of Leadership, 2019
– 100 Hours Online Training, Connect and Heal with Shiatsu, 2019
– 100 Hours Online 200+Hour Training Part 2, 2020
– 30 Hours Online Intensive Training: The Art of Sequencing, 2020


Luli Perez de Aragon discovered yoga in college when she happened to walk by a fellow student gracefully practicing yoga on a bench. She immediately looked up information on yoga. Feeling inspired by the healthy lifestyle + wanting to further her knowledge of the benefits of living yoga, she became a self-taught yogi.
After many years of finding her way into yoga, Lourdes decided to study with the Everliving School of Yoga 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program + became a certified Hatha yoga teacher.
Her restorative yoga classes focus on guiding you to escape from your day + to enjoy the tranquility of yoga, with a soothing blend of gentle + slow stretches to relieve stress.
Lourdes loves the feeling of helping people increase calmness + peace into their being, + helping them achieve something that they didn’t think they could do — that is what living yoga is.
Training Level
– Everliving School of Yoga 200 hr Yoga Alliance RYT, 2017
– My Joy Yoga University 200 hr online yoga teacher training, 2018